ADHD Anxieties

Are You Anxious About Your ADHD Anxieties?

Are you anxious about your ADHD anxieties? If so, you are not alone. Listen as Dr Doug Puryear joins me to discuss anxiety and what to do about it.

Doug is a psychiatrist who diagnosed himself with ADHD at age 64. He’s also the author of Your Life Can Be Better Using Strategies for Adult ADD/ADHD¬†and Living Daily With Adult ADD or ADHD: 365 Tips o the Day.

Be sure to also check out his blog, ADDadultstrategies – Tips O the Day.

Doug’s Awesome Quote:

“On the other hand, anxiety is a normal part of living.”



ADHD Anxieties

First, Doug says, there are basically two types of anxiety.

1) Stomach turning somersaults, a prelude to a panic attack

2) Worrying, ruminating

He and I also talk about the difference between anxiety in ADHD and how someone can have both ADHD and a comorbid anxiety disorder.

He shares his top 3 tips on how to manage anxiety as well as how they work for him.

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