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ADHD Adventurer in Real Life


Have you heard of people with ADHD often referring to themselves as a Jack-of-All-Trades? Probably because they are usually interested in so many things…and how to do so many things…they end up with a broad knowledge base. So, that makes my guest today, a Jerry-of-All-Trades.


Jerry Arbs came on my show last season, as well as earlier this week (Episode 6), and we talked about many of the interests, hobbies, and such that take up his bandwidth. The really cool thing is that Jerry sees himself somewhat of an intellectual adventurer, and he’s come up with some very awesome ideas on his trek.


Jerry’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Adventurer“I think through the power
of our thoughts that we can
change…a lot!”




Jerry shoots videos of himself and has quite the YouTube following (see here). In this Flashback Friday episode he describes the time he discovered when a class in Liverpool, England was using his video to show a real life example of a successful adult with ADHD.


Ultimately, he wants everyone to know, whether it’s ADHD or any other problem you’re facing, with time and perseverance, your goals and dreams can be obtained. Be sure to watch him closely as he continues to share his explorations of his mind and world with us. (SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube Channel)
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~ Jennie

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