Your ADHD Advantage

Your ADHD Advantage

Have you found your ADHD advantage? Peter Shankman has and is doing all he can to get the word out. Check out his blog/podcast, Faster Than Normal, which features ADHD success stories such as his. Along with tips and tricks, Peter leverages his ADHD for all of its gifts, and helps you learn how to use yours as a superpower.

His focus is on working at being better and always helping others improve their personal and professional lives. I like his Twitter bio, I think it describes how successful and fascinating he is:

“Best-selling #CustServ author/futurist, keynote speaker, angel investor, marketer, @NASA advisor, HARO Founder. Ironman. Skydiver. Dad.”

Peter’s Awesome Quote:

Using ADHD To Your Advantage“Be who you are,
because that’s what you’re best at!”



ADHD Advantage

Taken from Faster Than Normal most recent blog post:

“But you know what came out of those years of hell? Superpowers. In addition to typing well over 100 words a minute as an adult, there was one huge benefit that I didn’t know was being planted in my young brain at the time: I was learning to not only accept being different, but to use it to my advantage, for the rest of my life. I can attribute the majority of my success, both personal and professional, to the fact that I’ve never been ‘normal‘.”

I urge you to check out all of Peter’s good works including ShankMinds: Breakthrough Mastermind group. He’s turned his ADHD to his advantage and can help you too.

~ Jennie

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