ADHD Acceptance Connection

How Acceptance of Your ADHD is Connected to Your Self-Esteem

She had tried listening to ADHD podcasts but all she heard was what was wrong with her. What she couldn’t do. What she wasn’t doing. What all she was doing was wrong and then that name again…with words like deficit and disorder. Her self image was already pretty negative and she felt that what all of these shows were doing was, in fact, confirming that she was right to think so lowly of herself.
As she searched on Facebook though, she began to come across funny memes or positive comments that would give her a glimmer of hope. She even came across the memes I’ve made to promote my book. Eventually, she found connectivity in groups with others who not only had ADHD but liked some of the things she liked, such as crochet.
Otter’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Acceptance Connection
“Be good with yourself
because ultimately, that’s
who you gotta live with.”


The ADHD Acceptance Connection

What happens when you don’t accept the ADHD diagnosis; yet, you’re left knowing that something isn’t right? Something that makes you feel less than. After finding inspiration through family and friends, Alyssa began to see an acceptance connection between the acceptance of the diagnosis and her self-esteem.
In this episode, Alyssa ‘Otter’ Sheldon shares her story with all of us while also offering invaluable insight into how you can embrace your ADHD and totally accept yourself as you are, even if some see you as odd.
The key word being: ACCEPTANCE. Please let us know your thoughts on the show before you go, below.
~ Jennie


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