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How Wonderful is Living Life Aware in ADD Land?

Guess how wonderful it is living life aware in ADD Land? Don’t believe me?
Meet ADHD expert, Justine Ruotolo, on the show today! She’s 23 years in as an ADHD Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
She’s also the host of her own podcast, The Miss ADD Show, available on iTunes, Stitcher, and BlogTalkRadio.
And if coaching and podcasting didn’t keep her busy enough, she also runs two CHADD support groups in the Los Angeles area.
Justine’s Awesome Quote:

“If you don’t do the work,
you won’t get better.”

Aware in ADD Land

Justine shares with us the story of a time when she was explaining to a couple of students, who seemed pretty down about having ADHD, that it’s actually a gift.
She pointed out how there wouldn’t even be a Hollywood without it because so many artists, musicians, producers, actors and writers have it and are very successful.
In fact, “they should call it ADD Land.”
That really struck home for those kids and for Justine, too. So, she wrote a book about it!
As of October, it’s available on Google, ADD Land: The Gift of ADD.

“What do Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs have in common? They all have ADD and are successful because of it. In her new book, A.D.D. Land: The Gift of ADD, Justine Ruotolo, a.k.a Miss ADD, challenges the stereotypes of the ADD mind as being lazy and stupid, highlighting that ADD is actually a gift, and that Hollywood wouldn’t exist without it.”

Listen, as she recounts her and her children’s diagnosis stories and she shares the mindset and resources that helped them learn to advocate for themselves.
You’ll also discover why she credits mindfulness and meditation for making it possible to come off ADHD medication and live life aware.
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The Miss ADD Show:
Aware in ADD Land


ADD Land: The Gift of ADD                      Justine on Twitter
Aware in ADD LandAware in ADD Land

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