Achieve Success Regardless

How to Achieve Success Regardless of Circumstance (Or ADHD)

If ever there was a person who can say that you can achieve success regardless of circumstance, it’s Tanner Gers.
Diagnosed with ADHD in fourth grade, Tanner already had some challenges ahead of him, but at 21, he was in a life-altering car accident that left him blind, for now anyway. You can hear about it on his own podcast, Creative Success, episode 000.
Tanner’s Awesome Quote:

Achieve Success Regardless
“When you have these negative thoughts,
choose a second one, choose a new one
… choose a better one.”



Achieve Success Regardless

Tanner’s accident is where his story, and his ideas on how to achieve success, really began. It was after injury that he became an accomplished US Paralympian, ranking at one point, 4th in the world.
He’s also published author, motivational speaker, and successful podcaster of two shows, The Athlete’s Summit and his newest venture, the Creative Success Podcast.
Be sure to check him out because he is amazing with extra zing!
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