ADHD ... Accept It!

ADHD … Accept It!

When asked about ADHD, Ryan Swain explains that once you accept it and you try and find the positives within it, then you can go on to achieve and do anything you want.
Ryan is a professional Presenter, Host, Stand-Up Comedian, and Ventriloquist who lives in the UK. He’s your all-around fabulous entertainer and he also has ADHD.
He shares his story of diagnosis and the surprise that affected his whole family.
Ryan’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD ... Accept It!
“There are all of
these fantastic things
about having ADHD.”


Accept It!

Ryan says he feels blessed to have ADHD because of the positives that come it. On his list of positive attributes: boundless energy, great with people, great with talking, and a lively personality.
This is not to say that growing up undiagnosed was easy, but he found people who did accept it and did accept him. Listen, as he shares his story of his first found tribe.
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Ryan also devotes his time, energy, and talents raising awareness and money for various causes. Here’s the video that he references in the show of his completing the 52 Mile Skateboarding Challenge for Brain Tumor Research in record time:

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