The Complex How ( & Where) ADHD Shows Up In The Real World

Building on our previous discussions of ADHD emotional management, James Ochoa joins me again today with his son and project partner, Jules Ochoa, to share with us their new series, The Complex. Based on concepts …

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ADHD Emotional Distress

Crack the Code on the ADHD Emotional Distress Syndrome

Crack the code on the ADHD Emotional Distress Syndrome by applying science to ADHD emotional management. Join me today with author James Ochoa, LPC and Liz Lewis of A Dose of Healthy Distraction. We talk …

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Emotional Stress

ADHD Emotional Stress and How to Handle It

Living with ADHD emotional stress can take its toll. Fortunately, James Ochoa, author of Focused Forward, joins us to share strategies on how to handle it.   After identifying the Emotional Distress Syndrome associated with …

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ADHD Emotional Overwhelm

More About ADHD Emotional Overwhelm and Anxiety

Join in the continued discussion about ADHD emotional overwhelm and anxiety with James Ochoa, author of the book, Focused Forward.   This encore episode revisits the conversation we started last Friday.   So, whether you …

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ADHD Anxiety

Quieting ADHD Anxiety

Jennie works with a listener to show how you can manage your emotional overwhelm by quieting ADHD anxiety.   In a Tuesday 10-Minute Tip, loyal listener Steve calls in with a question.   With ADHD …

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ADHD Emotional Complexities

The ADD Couple Discuss ADHD Emotional Complexities

Listen, as The ADD Couple, Brett Thornhill and I, discuss ADHD emotional complexities.   It’s not our first time, but it can’t be talked about enough.   I’m sharing our episode here so you can hear …

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ADHD's Emotional Storms

5 Truths About ADHD’s Emotional Storms

ENCORE EPISODE ADHD’s emotional storms are one of the lesser known aspects of ADHD dealing with emotions and emotional regulation.   First of all, with ADHD comes intensity of emotions. Also, living with the stress that …

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The Emotional Distress Syndrome

4 Facts About The Emotional Distress Syndrome In ADHD

After identifying the Emotional Distress Syndrome (EDS) associated with ADHD, James Ochoa introduces a resource that helps. Finally, with his book, Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD, you can navigate the storms of your emotional realm. …

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