5 Dating Challenges

5 Dating Challenges When You’re Single With ADHD

If you’re single, you might could come up with more than 5 dating challenges. Jeremy Michael, a sexy single firefighter, joins me today to talk about the 5 top ones he struggles with most (listed below) as well as promote a new support group he’s created on Facebook, ADHD Singles.
Listen, as he explains his intentions for the group…IT IS NOT A DATING SITE!
He’s looking for others to share the trials and tribulations of dating with ADHD.
5 Dating Challenges When You're Single With ADHD

Being single is not exactly what Jeremy planned on, however, as he sees it, he’s rocking’ it now. At 34, he’s finally embracing his ADHD in a way he just couldn’t when he was younger.
Diagnosed as an adult. Jeremy details for us what it was like to get a diagnosis that made him look back on his life with so much more clarity. He says the reason his previous relationships didn’t work out were because of him…and more specifically, his ADHD.
But, he’s older and wiser now…and is still just as much fun as he ever was.
Jeremy’s Awesome Quote:

“It’s a lifelong thing so you
might as well embrace it and
do something awesome with it.”


5 Dating Challenges

Dating can be challenging for anyone; however, when you have ADHD, there are a few things that can make it more difficult. Jeremy explains how some things are just harder to do because of the way he’s wired. It’s not that these things cannot happen. It’s that it takes a lot of mental energy to make them happen.
5 dating challenges when you’re single with ADHD:

    1. 1) Being on time.
    2. 2) Focusing on the other person.
    3. 3) Remembering what they are saying.
    4. 4) Making small talk.
    5. 5) Figuring out when you’re going to tell them about your ADHD.

In this episode, Jeremy and I talk about each one and how it can negatively impact a good time. We also talk about the enchanting honeymoon stage of relationships, and how when that hyperfocus on the other person wears off, if not prepared, can do some heavy damage to any relationship.
~ Jennie


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