3 Parent Types

Which of These 3 Parent Types Are You?

Which of these 3 parent types are you? Lynn Hegedus, a special needs educator and parent advocate, shares her story of career transformation and what she’s learned through the process including these 3 parent types.
It all started while at work one day, Lynn got the call that her daughter’s preschool had lost her 17-month old. As a result, when she left her office that day, it would be her last as an accountant.
At age 2, her daughter was diagnosed with Autism and Lynn began attending school with her. One thing led to another, prompting Lynn to go back to school and earn her Master’s in Education so she could begin teaching full time.
Lynn’s Awesome Quote:

3 Parent Types“That’s what makes
us so great … is the fact
that we are so unique.”

3 Parent Types

As an educator, Lynn recognizes there are 3 parent types:

    1. 1) The parent who is super-involved and stays up-to-date on everything concerning their child.
    2. 2) The parent who wants to be involved but doesn’t know what how or what to do.
    3. 3) The parent who has no clue and doesn’t involve themselves in much of anything including knowing the teachers’ names.

As she explains, most parents fall into the middle category. They want to be helpful but don’t know how to access the resources that are out there. It was this need that gave Lynn a new perspective on how best to help her community.
Today, Lynn’s career is taking off in yet, another new direction. She left the classroom to begin independently championing for parents as a professional parent advocate.
Her experiences both as a mother of a special-needs child and as a special-needs educator have her well prepared. Most of all, she wants to help others who are like her.
If you’d like to ask her questions or speak with her, you can email Lynn directly at Lynn@LHEducation.org
Or, checkout her website below.  Be sure to sign up for her Edu-boxes that come directly to your door!
Listen, as we explore special-needs education and the power of parent advocacy.
~ Jennie

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Which of These 3 Types of Parents Are You?

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