Respect Our Process: The ADHD Difference

Dr Joel Schwartz emplores, “Respect our process,” the ADHD Difference is real and when harnessed can be your greatest power.   Joel’s Awesome Quote: “I treat people, not disorders.” ADHD Difference Joel specializes working with “the misunderstood” and discusses with us today the ADHD difference.   He wants you to know it’s okay that your […]

Essential Oils Treating ADHD

Today, we discuss the effectiveness of essential oils treating ADHD. Cheryl Stewart shares her exeperiences and expertise. I’ve been trying to get someone to come on for awhile to help explain just what essential oils are and how exactly they are supposed to help in treating ADHD. Listen, as Cheryl describes her two children’s diagnosis […]

Million-Miles-a-Minute with ADHD


Artist, Musician, Writer, Humorist, Audio Tech/Engineer; join me with “Million-Miles-a-Minute” Charles Newby of Charles at Large on YouTube.   Father, husband, age 32. Born and raised in the beautiful Chattanooga Valley in Tennessee.   First, Charles shares his stories of ADHD diagnosis and his experience with the meds.   Then, he explains his bouts with substance […]