ADHD Is A Way Of Being In The World

“ADHD is a way of being in the world”, according to Dr. Adrian McIntyre.   Listen, as he joins me in celebrating my 50th birthday.   He’s a cultural anthropologist shedding light on the stories about ourselves that we tell to ourselves.   We talk about difference, sameness, and how humans project moral judgements onto things.   […]

Turning 50 On See In ADHD

Turning 50

What happens when you turn 50? If you’re Jennie, you just talk about it. Join Jennie and her friend Yvonne Nardone as they explore what it means to be fifty nowadays. ~ Jennie Click to view: show notes and transcript Source: See in ADHD

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. Please welcome to the show today, the clean corporate comedian and humorist, Jeff Allen. He’s a devoted man to God and family and has a lot to share about his life and success, and yes, ADHD.   Be sure to check out this video from his YouTube Channel:   […]

Why Do We Procrastinate?

ADHD Self-Improvement

Procrastinate much?   Today, we highlight the popular podcast Slacking Ambition hosted by Matt Wells.   His show explores why we procrastinate, which is one of the traits folks with ADHD struggle with most.   His is a tribe of “Slackers.”   Understand, however, he uses that as a term of almost endearment…you see, he’s the Head Slacker. […]

Living With ADHD Intensity

Not everyone with symptoms of ADHD identifies with the diagnosis. Sometimes they just identify with the symptoms.   Intensity is a definite trait used to describe many folks with ADHD. It’s also a good description of their levels of … well, just about everything.   Mood, affect, thinking, movement…   Aurora Remember joins Tom Nardone […]

Motivation: Understanding Tarp Time and ADHD

Listen, today as Tim Tarpley, from Trident Sports Forth Worth, talks about how he helps with motivation and what works for him.   Long time listener, turned guest, Tim joins us from Texas!   His journey into understanding his own ADHD may hit home for many of you.   Especially, when he describes his feeling like a fake […]

Visual Note Taking Helps ADHD Doodlers

Helps ADHD Doodlers

Visual note taking helps ADHD doodlers by capturing information in a fun and meaningful way.   Ashton Rodenhiser joins me today to discuss how visual note taking can be especially helpful for those of us who struggle in taking away clear and valuable information from meetings or classes.   As a visual learning strategist, I’ve featured Ashton’s […]