ADHD and Depression

ADHD and Depression, The Struggle is Real

Today we talk with blogger and podcaster, Tom Nardone, about depression. Yes, it is a thing. With ADHD and depression, the struggle is real.   Tom and his wife, Yvonne, are two incredibly awesome people.   …

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ADHD and an Unusual But Not Unheard Of Style

ADHD And An Unusual But Not Unheard Of Style

Who has ADHD and an unusual but not unheard of style? Join me in welcoming Bill Ulsh and find out just what his style is for yourself!   On this episode, Bill shares his thoughts about …

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Emotional Zest of ADHD

The Emotional Zest of ADHD

Do you know about the emotional zest of ADHD? Join me in welcoming YouTuber Bryn Duane Travers to the show today and find out for yourself!   First of all, watch this remarkable video on …

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How to Create a Calm Stress Free ADHD Family

How to create a stress free ADHD family can seem elusive at times. Listen and learn how it’s possible. But Madeleine Davis has created a system and structure so even the most chaotic homes can create calm. …

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