Treated Versus Untreated ADHD, See the Difference

Treated Versus Untreated ADHD

Day 7…and we’re talking about how ADHD medication can help you see the difference between treated versus untreated ADHD.   Kristen joins me today to share her journey of self discovery and she has yet to go through the complete diagnosis process.   In this episode, listen to how positively she has responded to ADHD […]

Reasons to Love ADHD Conferences

love ADHD Conferences

Day 2…and we’re talking about why we love ADHD Conferences like the one where Brett and I met.   Brett is my partner in crime as the co-host of The ADD Couple.   In this episode, he shares the story of how we met and ultimately decided to work together.   Brett’s Awesome Quote: “Once […]

Managing Kids’ (with ADHD) Morning Routines

ADHD Morning Routines

Day 1…and we’re talking about kids’ with ADHD morning routines.   Listen, as we kick off ADHD Awareness Month 2016 with a bang!   Everyday, in October, someone will come on and share a perspective, a story, a tip, tool, or insight into ADHD.   Eric’s Awesome Quote: “What we’ve learned is you pretty much […]