Love, Marriage & ADHD Awareness

Love, Marriage, and ADHD Awareness

Welcome to this Flashback Friday episode talking about marriage & ADHD Awareness. Please join me with Tom and Yvonne of The Tom Nardone Show podcast. Theirs is a marriage made in heaven and honestly, they are some of my favorite people.   In this episode, we talk about hair, bras, dieting, garbage, cleaning…I think Tom […]

ADHD Misunderstood: Scott Latty’s Big Idea

ADHD Misunderstood

Scott Latty knows that ADHD is misunderstood. He’s out to change that. As he and I discuss, sometimes you do have to help yourself first in order to help others, but sometimes in helping others, you end up helping yourself.   In this episode, Scott shares details that are all too familiar for folks with […]

How Productive Avoidance Works

Productive Avoidance

How productive avoidance works is by considering how to make use of down time. It’s all a judgement call on your part; what should be done versus what will get done.   My partner in crime, Brett Thornhill, is my cohost on The ADD Couple. Check us out on iTunes!   He joins me in discussing […]

How You Manage the ADHD Ability Gap

The ADHD Ability Gap

Here to explain the ADHD ability gap is Andrew Akre. Diagnosed in grade school, his experience offers him a unique view, which he uses to help his ADHD clients. As an ADHD Coach, he knows the difference between the pitfalls that come from unmanaged ADHD verses the successful outcomes that are possible through treatment.   […]

You Don’t Have to Struggle in Silence With ADHD

Struggle in Silence

You don’t have to struggle in silence with ADHD, especially once it’s finally diagnosed.   In Carina Taveras’ case, it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with ADHD, a second time, before realizing that there are many resources available for things that didn’t come easily to her.   A recent graduate, receiving her associate’s degree, Carina […]

Creating Side Income, Inspiring a Balanced ADHD Life

Creating Side Income, Inspiring a Balanced ADHD Life

Join in this fun Friday episode with my first Flashback Guest. As one of my very first guests almost 4 months ago, he now returns for episode 85 to talk about creating side income!   Introducing, Daniel Eric Bowling. Upholsterer by trade. ADHD creative by nature. Inspiring happiness.   Only now, he’s coaching others on how to do […]

ADHA, The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Advantage

ADHA, The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Advantage

First of all, watch this remarkable video on YouTube ADHA, The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Advantage.   Corey Tyrone McKinney joins me today to discuss his spoken word piece on YouTube.   Especially relevant is this line of his that sums up his attitude best:   “Stop looking at it as a disorder and look at […]

How to ADHD Via Video

About How to ADHD

There are videos on everything these days … including How to ADHD via video.   Jessica McCabe joins me today to talk about her YouTube Channel.   I think her Twitter bio sums it up best:   “Building a toolbox of techniques for tackling ADHD. I’ll tweet about the latest research, tried techniques, and my […]

Doubling Down on Your ADHD Strengths

Doubling Down

Jess Larsen joins me today to talk about how he’s found success by doubling down on his strengths rather focusing on improving his weaknesses.   Addicted to snowboarding, this devoted dad of 4, loves Mexican food and listening to audiobooks.   He’s also got his hand in a million different projects including Child Rescue, CEO […]

My Stark Reality: A Story of Self-Discovery

My Stark Reality: A Story of Self-Discovery

Meet Erin Stark. In this episode, she shares with us her story of self-discovery. You see, today, her reality is quite good, but it wasn’t always this way. When I met her, she was in quite a different and darker place.   But, she began to learn about mental health including ADHD, trauma, and attachment […]