ADHD Flash Guests With Spontaneity

ADHD Flash Guests With Spontaneity

Sometimes spontaneity is fun. Don’t believe me? Listen in to today’s episode and see for yourself.   Things didn’t really go as expected for me today, so I created a plan B.   It started when I posted this on Facebook: “If you are reading this right now, would you like to come on the […]

ADHD Medication Mishaps

ADHD Medication Mishaps

Yes, ADHD medication mishaps vary in degree of severity. (spoiler alert) This episode is not one of those horror stories of overdose or death.   Instead, it’s the personal recount of a series of unfortunate events that happened to a woman who knows SO much about ADHD medication. She wants to share her story because […]

Maybe There’s Someone Like Me With ADHD

Someone Like Me With ADHD

“Maybe there’s someone like me,” Whitney M explains while talking about how difficult it can be to connect with others who have ADHD, especially if you’re in a small town. On the internet, her discovery not only brought her connectivity but lots of acceptance and sharing of information, from strategies and tools, to advice on […]

I Think Differently and It’s Not ADHD

Think Differently

Dawn Casey-Rowe will tell you she’s an idealist who went into teaching in order to change the world. She discovered instead, that teaching changed her.   In fact, she’s written a book about it, Don’t Sniff the Glue: A Teacher’s Misadventures in Education Reform. As she puts it, the book “is the humorous and heartwarming […]

Making Relationships Work (When Both Don’t Have ADHD)

Making Relationships Work

To bring us expert insights into making relationships work when one has ADHD and the other doesn’t, I could think of no better person than Diane Dempster. She’s an ADHD Coach and Parent Trainer, with firsthand knowledge. Her partner, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, and she, cofound Impact ADHD, an organization dedicated to helping parents help kids.   […]

ADHD Is A Diagnosis, If You Want To Be Correct

ADHD Is A Diagnosis

I’ve known Alison online for a while. In fact, she is the person who inspired me to write an article on ADHD as a label just a little over a year ago.   In this episode, she and I discuss more than just that. Alison’s passions include neuroscience and information. In fact, she tells me that most […]

Talking About Talking…and ADHD…and Ukuleles

Talk About Talking

I could tell from her Facebook profile that she’s been involved with speaking, but would she do a show with me talking about talking and ADHD? I’ve been following Marie Angell on Facebook for a while and I know her to be clever and funny. So, I asked her and she said yes!   In this episode, Marie […]

3 Tips on How to Have Summertime Success With Complex Kids

Impact ADHD

How do you define summertime success? When the kids (and/or you) have ADHD, summertime can be a double edge sword. On one hand, the stress of school is over and with that comes a welcome opportunity to exhale.   On the other hand, the structurelessness of summer can also mean that the kids are home, […]

Happy International Father’s Mental Health Day!

Father's Mental Health

Mark Williams grew up being told he was “thick and stupid”. He knew he wasn’t, but he did suffer from anxiety and dyslexia, which looked like panic attacks and learning problems. So, school was hard and employment was too. Fast forward, he eventually married the love of his life and together they had a baby. […]

4 Special Worries of a Special Dad

Having a special-needs kid makes you a special dad and also, as in my guests’s case, Superdad. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t worry. In fact, I’d say he also has special worries. Listen to today’s episode, there are more than just four concerns worrying my guest.   Father’s Day is this weekend and in […]