How to Tune In to Your Own ADHD

How to Tune In to Your Own ADHD

Have you noticed most blogs are just lists, like 3 Ways to Do This and 5 More Ways to Do That? This is an episode about a different sort of blog but if you scroll down I’ve listed 4 techniques my guest today uses to calm himself down when he gets angry. Listen in as […]

How to Live Life Best With ADHD

Live Life Best

Want to know how to live life best when you have ADHD? Jerry Arbs has a few thoughts to share about what has worked for him and what he recommends for you. In celebration of Memorial Day, I’m presenting a holiday encore presentation of one of my first episodes with Jerry Arbs. He is one […]

How Acceptance of Your ADHD is Connected to Your Self-Esteem

ADHD Acceptance Connection

She had tried listening to ADHD podcasts but all she heard was what was wrong with her. What she couldn’t do. What she wasn’t doing. What all she was doing was wrong and then that name again…with words like deficit and disorder. Her self image was already pretty negative and she felt that what all […]

Advocate Strong

Advocate Strong

Personifying “Advocate Strong”, Charlene Long is the loving force behind Autism as a Whole. She joins me in this episode to talk about how many of the spectrum conditions like ADHD…like Autism, usually come with co-existing conditions. And, it is, as a whole, a person, a family, and a community are affected.   In her […]

4 Facts About The Emotional Distress Syndrome In ADHD

The Emotional Distress Syndrome

After identifying the Emotional Distress Syndrome (EDS) associated with ADHD, James Ochoa introduces a resource that helps. Finally, with his book, Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD, you can navigate the storms of your emotional realm. As he explains, “Navigating is very different from managing…navigators explore the world!”   So, whether you are trying to manage […]

The ADHD Medication Controversy Rages On

ADHD Medication Controversy

The ADHD Medication controversy rages on. Brett Thornhill isn’t one to stir the pot and create controversy but he’s happy to call the kettle black. About a week ago, I posted a piece from The New York Post by Peter Shankman, who I’ve had on the show before and am a huge fan of his. […]

Play Helps ADHD Management According to Research


Dr. Kirsten Milliken was already knowledgeable about ADHD as a psychologist working with clients as well as having it herself. So, imagine her surprise, while later attending coach training classes, that she’d stumble upon one of her own personal values, which would transform her life. Play.   Kirsten’s Awesome Quote: “Play isn’t an activity, it’s […]

ADHD Brain Hacks & Productivity Master

Alan Brown is an ADHD coach and brain hacks and productivity master. From overcoming drug addiction to mega-success in corporate advertising, to giving a Ted Talk and creating his own brand at CrusherTV, Alan is proof that ADHD doesn’t have to stand in your way of doing anything you want to do in life. He’s […]

ADHD & TBI Support Groups Help

ADHD & TBI Support Groups

Coach Rick, a certified professional coach and behavioral therapist, helps those who struggle with ADHD, addictions, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) through support groups and organizations. What makes his voice especially powerful is that he has personally dealt with all three.   He’s no stranger to bad days but he’s learned to never take a […]

ADHD Info Gets Personal


Have you ever wanted to be just like everyone else? Then got to thinking, “Who am I, anyway?” So, you start to figure it out by getting some ADHD info and slowly digesting what you need to know.   That is a part of Mark Wilson’s story but not nearly all of it.   If […]