ADHD Medication and the Info Doctors Don’t Share

Rene with Kaleidoscope Society

Did you know that there’s some info doctors don’t share when prescribing ADHD medication? If they did, a lot of mistakes could be lessened or, in some cases, altogether prevented.   In our discussion, René Brooks and I talk about making mistakes that can’t be helped versus the ones that can, which takes us on […]

ADHD Smart

ADHD Smart

Julie Casali is one smart cookie. She’s meshed her love for psychology with her own life’s experiences and created ADHD Smarties: a blog, a podcast, a website, all in one.   She knows, first hand, the impact that challenges from ADHD can have on your life. She’s developed a system though, that helps her. Try […]

ADHD … Accept It!

ADHD ... Accept It!

When asked about ADHD, Ryan Swain explains that once you accept it and you try and find the positives within it, then you can go on to achieve and do anything you want.   Ryan is a professional Presenter, Host, Stand-Up Comedian, and Ventriloquist who lives in the UK. He’s your all-around fabulous entertainer and […]

ADHD Coaching & How You Think

ADHD Coaching & How You Think

Thinking about how you think and paying attention to what you are paying attention to are just two of the tactics that ADHD Coach, Lynne Edris, and I talk about during our time together.   Lynne has been coaching for a decade now and she shares her insights into an industry, which is often misunderstood, […]

Strategies That Help ADHD & Overcommitting

Strategies That Help ADHD & Overcommitting

René Brooks knows what it’s like to have a hard time saying no. A people pleaser by nature, she and I discuss strategies to help ADHD and overcommitting.   From agreeing to help a friend in a bind to taking on more and more jobs that involve crochet, René finds it difficult to tell someone […]

How ADHD Medication Helps Me: Don’t Make It Harder

How ADHD Medication Helps

Diagnosed with ADHD as a child, Sean Wallace knows of life with ADHD medication and life without it. With the prospect of going back to school, at 23, the awareness that he really needs the help motivated him to be re-diagnosed as an adult.   Surprise! On the proper dose, all of the reasons he […]

Another Side to ADHD

Another Side

No matter how many people you talk to, there’s always another side to ADHD to explore, because each individual is unique. Larry Goodman, as no exception, is his own man. He knows what he’s good at and what he’s bad at, and he thinks he’s figured out why.   He and I talk about how […]

Parenting & Positivity with ADHD


Liz Lewis has a lot to offer as a mentor…she’s a teacher, freelance writer, Mom, wife, has ADHD, and is busy creating a lifestyle brand for others like her!   Her message is one of positivity about being a parent, having ADHD, and shedding the stigma that she felt as a child having to go […]

Do It Afraid: ADHD Confidence

ADHD Confidence

Kanisha Howard has a level of confidence that serves her well. Even at times when she’s had her doubts and fears, her motto has been, “Do it afraid.”   Kanisha Howard has been hard at work as both a student teacher and musician. I caught up with her while she was on her way home […]

ADHD’s Emotional Impact

ADHD's Emotional Impact

When it comes to talking about ADHD’s emotional impact, including the barriers that prevent us from initiating a task or taking a risk, there’s no one better than Brendan Mahan. His educational background includes a masters in education and school counseling and he both has ADHD and coaches others with it.   Currently, he’s transitioning […]