ADHD Approach to Education

ADHD Approach to Education

David Mulford joins me today and it’s a blast from the past. You see, David and I went to Middle School together and only reconnected in adulthood through the miracle of Facebook.   David shares his personal educational path beginning with the nontraditional classes and curriculum we both enjoyed in the 80’s, in the progressive […]

Miss ADHD Mythbuster


Brookley Wofford isn’t just brains and beauty, she’s also a buster…a buster of myths surrounding ADHD that is.   She won the crown as Miss Minnesota United States in 2015, a title that has afforded her many opportunities to give back and connect with her community. Not only is she #oneof15M ,the special designation used in […]

ADHD & Your Version of Happiness

Your Version of Happiness

Daniel Eric Bowling. Upholsterer by trade. ADHD creative by nature. Inspiring happiness.   Daniel’s talent is building strong connections with everyday people and identifying useful tools from various industries in order to help others solve problems in unique ways. He’s an experienced tradesman and podcaster, and so has married his passions with the Smart Tradesman Podcast.   * Daniel’s Awesome Quote: […]

If ADHD Makes You Feel Like a Square Peg

Feel like a Square Peg

Alex Hofeldt is a busy Science Communicator. He’s responsible for teaching biology and astronomy to high schoolers as well as producing his own podcast, Beautiful Dust Specks, which marries podcasting with science, wonder, and motivation. In this episode he describes how he’s tackled feeling like a square peg.   * Alex’s Awesome Quote: “The more […]

Think About it, ADHD Isn’t a Label

ADHD not a label

ADHD Isn’t a Label I’ve talked about this before. To clarify, it isn’t a label, it’s a diagnosis. It means you have a naturally under aroused pre-frontal cortex. Our neurotransmitters are responsible for helping us to engage in activities, plan, organize, and follow through with things and is, therefore, affected. When you say it’s a […]

Managing Time Blindness in ADHD

time blindness

Time Blindness Time blindness is common for folks with ADHD. In another article, I’ve expanded on the idea of how many with ADHD operate within the time orientation of ‘Now’ versus ‘Not Now’. Poor time management, a common characteristic associated to ADHD, reflects this orientation. Think about it, how do you manage a process that […]

Alternative ADHD Solutions

AFF Combo

Alan Brown is an ADHD coach and brain-hack productivity master who uses alternative ADHD solutions. From overcoming drug addiction to mega-success in corpoarte advertising to giving a Ted Talk and creating his own brand at CrusherTV, Alan is proof that ADHD doesn’t have to stand in your way of doing anything you want to do […]

ADHD Time Perception / ‘Now’ and ‘Not Now’

time blindness

As standard operating procedure for many with ADHD, because of their unique time perception, rather than having an internal clock, which perceives the passing of time, time is experienced from two sorts of “time zones”, Now and Not Now. For instance, if something is not happening Now then it is happening Not Now and things that […]



ACTION ADHD A few neurotypical people will understand this concept, but for most people with ADHD, preparing to focus on something that HAS to get done is not only helpful but an activity that can serve as an actual part of the doing the-thing-I-have-to-do. I work best when I envision some grand big picture, so my […]