Gobble, Gobble …

I’m off to enjoy my family this Thanksgiving week! Well, actually, they have come to visit me. I’m so thrilled because we live miles apart and I don’t get to see them often enough! I hope you will enjoy your time with friends and family too. Before I take off to go find the turkey […]

ADHD & Power

This month, I’m exploring the idea of power. I was thinking about one of the things I learned from my mentor coach, Jille Bartolome…that money, time, and energy are all forms of power. That’s a fascinating concept, isn’t it? We can all spend money, time, and energy. We can all save money, time, and energy. We […]

ADHD on a Budget

Inattention and impulsivity can be difficult characteristics to have when it comes to managing money. Many of my clients with ADHD have great financial difficulties but most are significantly helped by developing a Spending Plan. (Shh. Yes, that’s code for “budget”. But hey, “plan” is bad enough, the B-word, I dare not utter.) To craft a […]