ADHD and Saying No

There are a few reasons people with ADHD find themselves overcommitting. One of the biggies is because of their unique sense of time. First, there can be little awareness of how long something actually takes to do. Compounding this problem is an intense interest that was sparked by an idea that mushroomed into a hundred […]

Tapping into What Makes You Tick

Guess what’s one of the things that most frustrates someone without ADHD about their loved one with it? The fact that something deemed as important is not usually enough to get them into action. I’m not talking about important to only one of the people but to both. That’s right. Just because the bills HAVE to get […]

How’s the Difference Between Hearing and Listening Sound in ADHD?

Hearing noises are a real issue issue for many folks who have ADHD because their brain isn’t automatically assigning them to categories like say, background noise. The truth is, many sounds for people without ADHD don’t even register as a blip on their radar; even the sound of a jackhammer, off in the distance, can […]

Is Persuasion Really an Art?

If we think of persuasion as being an art then doesn’t that give power to the artist, the one doing the persuading? The implication is that the one being persuaded has no power; but that’s simply not true. When someone or something is persuading us it’s an opportunity for choice. After all, no one can […]