Attention, Interest, and Influence

Did you know there’s a connection between what interests you versus what captures your attention and whether or not you will become influenced by interest or influence via attention? I know it seems like a tongue twister but stay with me. When you become interested in something it can lead to fulfillment and then, through […]

Enhance Attention by Thinking Ahead

At times, we all struggle to keep our mind on the task at hand. What is it that gets in your way of paying attention? Are you hungry? Did you get enough sleep? Are you feeling drained mentally or emotionally? Perhaps, it’s not because of your physical state that you’re inattentive but because of the […]

Self-Talk Self-Check

Have you ever considered what makes someone your best friend? It may be something you haven’t thought a lot about since childhood. After all, as an adult, we often find ourselves in situations where we have co-workers as friends, or our kids have parents with whom we’re friendly. If you’re lucky, you’ve maintained a few […]

Let Your Intention Help Focus Your Attention

Don’t believe it? I’ve had clients tell me that it doesn’t necessarily matter what they intend to do on any given day, sometimes their attention gets focused on something else, and the day is wasted doing other random things. It’s almost always too late before they even realize. What does that say? You could conclude […]

Discover What’s Interesting About Attention in ADHD

One thing most people with ADHD can agree upon is that ADHD is not so much about not paying enough attention to something but rather too much attention…to everything! Why is that? Well, for starters, our environment is rarely stimuli-free. As I sit here and write, I feel like I’m in a vacuum with only […]