My Top 5 ADHD-Inspired Cleaning Tips

As an ADHD Coach, I’ve had many conversations around the topic of cleaning. I’m mindful though, that cleaning is organizing, and for the ADHD mind, organizing is a little different than in people without ADHD. The ADHD mind uses interest, curiosity, and challenge rather than the concept of importance, or thinking about sequence and order. […]

Happy Father’s Day, in Spirit

Tomorrow will be the 27th Father’s Day without my dad. Even though I celebrate it now with my husband and our kids, I find myself drifting to memories of him and my life as a child. Sadly, he committed suicide back when I was 20. He had ADHD, bipolar disorder, and seasonal depression, which  affected my […]

ADHD : Not a Label

Have you ever had your assumptions challenged? As a coach, it’s my job to do just that for my clients all of the time but having someone else help me create a massive mind shift around something I hold to be true…well, that’s rare and amazing! And it just recently happened. I had been promoting […]

Understanding ADHD Better & Other ADHD Mumbo Jumbo

Meet the compassionate genius behind the website and podcast Generosity Philosophy and creator of George the Generous Giraffe, available NOW on Kindle and Amazon: On the See in ADHD talk radio show, author and philanthropist, Kim Trumbo, shares with us her interests, frustrations, and other “works in progress”. She also gives us a peek into her […]