ADHD and Inadequacy: Four Comparisons Holding You Back

The See in ADHD talk radio show highlights people of all walks of life and we discuss everything from hobbies, jobs, philosophy, to thoughts on pop culture, as well as what went through our minds at very key points in our lives. And, oh, yeah…the topic of ADHD is sprinkled in almost every conversation. Be […]

Non-ADHD Kid / ADHD Parent

A special thank you to Gina Pera, author and owner of ADHD Roller Coaster for allowing me to share my personal story on a perspective we don’t hear enough about in the world of ADHD. I am the daughter of an ADHD/non-ADHD parent combo. Here’s an excerpt from my article. Obviously, she wouldn’t have had to correct […]

The Awesome Man Behind, Chasing Kites & The Tom Nardone Show

Childhood With ADHD

Tune in to my conversation with Tom Nardone, ADHD blogger turned podcaster and author of Chasing Kites, available on and Find out his thoughts on ADHD, what’s it’s like to write about his life, and how he feels about co-creating The Tom Nardone Show with the love of his life and wife, Yvonne. […]

No, You’re Not Alone…So, Know You’re Not Alone

Have you been feeling like your ADHD may be getting in the way of having real success in your life, in your relationships, or maybe your career? Some symptoms of ADHD can be problematic: inattention, lack of motivation to do things the way you’re “supposed” to; yet, at the same time, having too much energy, which sometimes gets focused on […]

ADHD Myths

I was asked to contribute an article to Defying Shadows as part of their campaign of awareness during May, Mental Health Awareness Month. Following is an excerpt: “It’s 2015, and our general understanding of ADHD can finally stand rooted in facts. Until recently, only the specialists who had devoted their careers to developing the following information knew how to distinguish […]