5 Truths About ADHD’s Emotional Storms

ADHD's Emotional Storms

ENCORE EPISODE ADHD’s emotional storms are one of the lesser known aspects of ADHD dealing with emotions and emotional regulation.   First of all, with ADHD comes intensity of emotions. Also, living with the stress that having intense emotional deregulation has on you is a life-long proposition.   Ironically, emotional regulation is the one aspect that, […]

How are Vision Disorders Associated with ADHD?

Vision Disorders Associated with ADHD

ENCORE EPISODE How are vision disorders associated with ADHD? Dr. Cheryl Berger-Israeloff specializes in Binocular Vision Disorders (BVD’s) on Long Island, NY. She’s also receiving HIA-LI’s Prestigious 2016 Business Achievement Award Rookie of the Year this September. It’s thrilling to have her on to help clarify the connection with ADHD.   Listen, as she shares […]

Eating Healthy When You Have ADHD

Eating Healthy

ENCORE EPISODE I coach a lot of people around their health. How to set up exercise routines is one thing but eating healthy when you have ADHD is another, with its own unique challenges.   In this episode, Lisa Feinberg, a Registered Nurse and ADHD Coach, shares with me some of her tips and tricks. […]

How it Feels Being Misunderstood with ADHD

Misunderstood with ADHD

ENCORE EPISODE Scott Latty knows how it feels being misunderstood with ADHD. He also knows that ADHD itself is misunderstood. He’s out to change that by producing a film that will help people connect with that pain.   Scott shares with me details about his life which, are pretty common for folks with ADHD. He […]

The Undiagnosed ADHD Child: Reflections From Forty Years Later

Undiagnosed ADHD Child

ENCORE EPISODE Mark Williams was the undiagnosed ADHD child growing up. He didn’t really believe he was “thick and stupid” as he was called. But his anxiety and dyslexia looked like emotional and learning problems making childhood difficult. School and later, employment, didn’t come easy. Fortunately, he eventually married the love of his life and together they had a […]

99 Short Films: ADHD Medication Straight Answers Series

ADHD Medication Straight Answers

  Rick Green, from Totally ADD, shares his awesome video series which gives ADHD medication straight answers. After watching the 99 short films which, in combination, make up the video series, ADHD Medication: Big Questions Straight Answers, you’ll feel like an expert. At least you’ll be well equipped to have an intelligent discussion with friends, family and doctors! […]

ADHD Distraction Versus Derailment with The ADD Couple

Distraction versus Derailment

What is the difference between ADHD distraction versus derailment? Upon first blush, they may seem like the same thing.   Listen, as my partner in crime, Brett Thornhill, and I talk it out on The ADD Couple podcast. Check us out on iTunes!   He joins me in discussing everything through the ADHD lens on that show. […]

Q&A with Podcaster and ADHD Blogger, Tom Nardone

ADHD Blogger

ADHD blogger and podcaster, Tom Nardone, with his wife, Yvonne, are some of my favorite people. Checkout their podcast, The Tom Nardone Show.   I’ve had Tom and his wife on before, see episode 90.   And, in my 100th episode, he came on as my first guest. He’s responsible for the amazing opening soundtrack that […]

See in ADHD’s Epic 100th Episode

Epic 100th Episode

Thank you for listening to the See in ADHD podcast. I’m Jennie Friedman and I invite you to join me in celebrating my epic 100th episode!   I wanted this episode to be for you…the people who listen to it, because it’s you, who makes the show possible.   You see, it’s not just the […]

Your 2.0, Life After the ADHD Diagnosis

Life After the ADHD Diagnosis

Brett was diagnosed with ADHD in his 40’s. He clearly remembers what it was like before and says that life now, since his ADHD diagnosis, is better.   In this episode, he describes his transformation based on awareness, acceptance, and embracing his ADHD.   The passion for helping others based on what’s he’s learned is reflective […]